:: Description - MODEL:SCM-BJ12/16 ::
The Latest Engineering Concept has allowed this Electronic Knitting control to perform an assured stable and reliable pattern knitting through selecting of Cylinder Knife Needle by means of Computer-Aided Jack Needle Selection System made of Selector Fingers and Jack having only 8 Butts displacing the conventional Selector Jacks.
The Controller is provided to Storage Capacity and Functions enough to your factory operation.

 Standard Parts ::
The Dial Cam Race has 2 Needle Track.
The Special designed Knife Needle on the Cylinder.
MARUZEN Electronic Controller with 1 Position 8 Step Selection Actuator (made in Japan)
Available Design Colours.
Motor Drive:220/380V, 3.75KW 3Phase, AC Inverter Drive System
Feeding Device: Mini Jacquard Feeder by Memminger

 Optional Parts ::
Storage Feeder by Memminger

               :: Samples ::
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Cartoon    Ploy, Mix
Sheep, Pattern & Crash Poly S-pile, Climp & Ring
Summer, Colorful Material Use / Acrylic & Lufnen
Joint Factory Thin & Loop
Young Casual, Child Animal Skin
New Sample


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